Hands and Feet Foundation

Assisting the

With a clothes closet and food pantry as well as connections with many  public service programs, Hands and Feet Foundation helps disadvantaged neighbors.
We mainly work with people who have drug addiction and mental health issues. Some of our people suffer from PTSD, homelessness, post incarceration issues, prior physical or mental abuse, joblessness, and being medically uninsured.
With no cash being exchanged, we assist those who are financially challenged, those who have lack of ID, or are veterans in need, single mothers with children and unattended youth.
We also minister to folks inside jails, prison, mental health resource centers, halfway houses and the like living in our neighborhoods and yours.
We work in conjunction with over thirty churches, 150 volunteers. We do this every day as the need presents itself. We also teach other ministries and church folk how to do this without being taken advantage of and without unintentionally enabling the dysfunctional people they are trying to help.