Hands and Feet Foundation

Addiction Rehabilitation 

We believe that a real relationship with Jesus Christ can keep us on the straight and narrow. We make an effort toward this goal by offering approximately two weeks of free lunches, clothes (as needed), hygiene products, and daily Bible studies as we guide people toward focusing on Christian things instead of the very worldly things we offer.
As most of our guys are homeless when they come to us. We immediately offer free Christian based rehab. This is done on a case-by-case basis depending on their situation. We work with dozens of discipleship programs around the US, all free and Christ centered if they want this kind of help. We have them do a 5-minute phone interview with the receiving facility and, if accepted, we immediately set up transportation. We know that we only have about 24 hours to hopefully with God’s provision make this happen before the person returns his focus on worldly things and turns away, but this is just the beginning.
We seek out information on the positive and negative influences in the lives of those we are trying to assist. We reach out to the positive influences and offer education about issues facing their love ones, who are many times part of the problem. We ask their families to stop enabling them and offer long term assistance to the families. In essence, we adopt the person in destress and their families.
We help the families get into church, Celebrate Recovery programs, counseling and the like as we prepare them for the distress person to be released from their rehabilitation programs, usually in about one year. We also provide assistance to the distressed families while all this is going on by helping with some of their daily needs mainly with food and clothes, free in the name of Jesus.