Hands and Feet Foundation

103rd Street
Christian Outreach

Christian outreach is central to all facets of what Hands and Feet is doing. We intentionally focus on Christ and the Holy Word as we carry out our daily duties vocalizing to our clients that they should look to Him, before looking to worldly resources, for real results.
We work with over 200 ministries from around north Florida right now. We share each other’s resources, time and talent with the communities in North Florida as we believe the body of Chris works best this way.
Our biggest efforts are helping disenfranchised and dysfunctional people form a relationship with Jesus Christ. We do that by serving lunch and providing an interactive Bible study every day, while projecting a Christian attitude and encouraging our guests to do the same.
With our facility holding daily meals and activities, in the parking lot next to the sidewalk of 103rd Street, in the worst drug infested neighborhood in Duval County, Florida, we offer free Christian based, long term discipleship programs to those most in need. We build relationships and assess how we can best serve each individual as they come to us from the neighborhood.
Most of them need some kind of drug or alcohol rehabilitation. Others are looking for encouragement and a pathway to escape the dysfunctional lives they find themselves a slave to.
We offer solutions to these things through developing a Christian relationship with them and by leading them through Christian discipleship and daily study of the Scriptures into a new way of life through Christ. We also offer free Christian based drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs to those who find they need extra help and are ready to accept these programs.